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the first meet the requirements for grade highway construction mechanical and electrical integration of the asphalt mixture mixing machine factory. The ministry of transportation determines that the factory is a designated manufacturer of road construction machinery.
the first set of heat conduction oil heating asphalt equipment in our factory with method of success, put into use, create a new history of asphalt heating technology in our country. "Br / > was widely promoted and became the industry standard process.
the first 60 tons/hour (LB - 1000), bitumen mixture equipments developed by our factory, < br / > four brigade put into use in daqing road engineering company.
LB - 1500 asphalt mixer developed complete, < br / > large mixture that could satisfy the requirement of the highway construction equipment at the beginning of the domestic production and application.
the first road asphalt ChuYunKu by my factory construction, put into use in road goods and materials company of qinghai province.
the first large scale asphalt ChuYunKu by my factory construction, put into use in road goods and materials company in fujian province.
the first imported automatic entrepot storage - Yangtze tar library built in zhenjiang dagang, total reserves of 3 ton, our products won the title of national new product.
our factory listed in national torch plan, comprehensive use of foreign technology of LB - 2000 LB - 3000 asphalt mixture mixing equipment development plan project officially.
the first LB - 2000 type asphalt mixer delivery sichuan road and bridge industrial co., LTD.
LB - 3000 asphalt mixer delivery gansu tianshui road section, product performance reached the level of imported equipment.
in trial-manufacture LB - 4000-5000 type asphalt mixer.