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    LB-500 Bituminous concrete Mixing Equipment
    LB-1000 Bituminous concrete Mixing Equipment
    LB-1500 Complete Set of Bituminous Concrete Mixing Equipment
    LB-2000 Complete Set of Bituminous Concrete Mixing Equipment
    LB-2500 Material mixer of financial
    LB-2500 Material mixer of financial
    Lb-3000 Complete Set of Bituminous Concrete Mixing Equipment
    LB-4000Type pitch mixture mixing equipment
    LB-5000Type pitch mixture mixing equipment
    LB-6000Type pitch mixture mixing equipment
    Stabilized Soil Mixing Equipment
    Modified pitch equipment
    Oil pitch mechanical complete sets of wonderful work
     Main part:
    Large-scale pitch warehousing and transportation transfer the storehouse
    LB Pitch mixture mix control system, in the center of complete sets
    The draught pitch takes off the barrel and melts the equipment
Wuxi road machine Co.,LTD. (Wuxi road machine works) has pitch to mix the complete design of the station , production capacity to build the road in Wuxi, the professional and technical personnel disposes completely, the products have LB series pitch mixture to mix and shut the mechanical complete sets ; The QX series heat conduction oil is heated the pitch equipment; Mix the equipment in the WD series stability land ; The DJT series pitch melts and takes off a barrel of equipment; The modified pitch produces the complete sets , and the speciality undertake the construction of the large and medium-sized pitch warehousing and transportation storehouse.

  Our company regards ISO9000 quality management system as guidelines, has set up such functional departments as in charge ofing department , the project service department , fittings service department of technology department , production department , quality ,etc., so as to ensure from the product design , complement the controlled management supplied to field service , fittings in material supplies , production management , quality control originally and improving continuously.

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