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Modified pitch equipment


Our factory undertakes the construction of the design, construction and rig up of the domestic large-scale pitch warehousing and transportation storehouse. The craft is ripe, It is rational to design, accord with the national norm. Construct and install carrying out according to the construction of the country and the Ministry of Chemical Industry and confirmation norm strictly. Perfect after-sale service, make user forever with our factory new technology, new development of craft move ahead simultaneously.

Pitch warehousing and transportation facilities are unloaded the system by the railway, highway or waterway ;The pitch stores, keeps warm, the heat conduction heating system ;The production system, loading in the hair oil platforms of emulsification, modified pitch ;Operate the administrative system of the computer in the reservoir area, And the facilities, such as dyke thunder in the reservoir area, fire control, sewage disposal,etc. make up .
Heating the system adopts the oil land of the heat conduction to heat the new craft ,Cut the hot systemic circulation to convey, Utilize law after improving heat energy, save the energy ,The heat conduction oil is under lower operation pressure ,Obtain higher working temperature, It is reliable to do safely, adjust the temperature.

Unloading it to the finished product pitch hair oil from pitch ,The pitch is in totally closed state there is no environmental pollution ,Have improved the operating environment.

The pitch is stored and adopts the oil tank of stencil plate ,Serpentine, Stick up slice and heat, Intermediate layer rock and cotton are kept warm .

Can set up the part and is divided and has been heated and fetched oil facility with security around mes in the oil tank ,The hair oil dull season pitch is in the curdled appearance,Intensify the temperature of the hair oil after the part is heated and melted ,Prevent the whole pot pitch from being long-term or heated repeatedly but makes the pitch wear out ,Have guaranteed pitch quality .

Pitch transport adopt and insert sets of type spiral shell's pole pump ,The valve adopts the centre line valve that company's technology of control of American mark produces ,It is of simple structure and rational .