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LB Pitch mixture mix control system, in the center of complete sets

Main Part

Center Control System of Series of LB Bituminous conctete Mixing Equipment:

Intellective auto control center of the Lb bituminous concrete mixing equipment development by our works had goofy double screens and can be operated without button .And the lost materials can be made up automatically ,and thousands of directions are stored in the machine in many years .The failure can nearly happen.
The display screen can display in Chinese ,English, Japnese and Korean ,The parts are mostly from abroad and can control the whole process and display dynamic menu and status ,meanwhile print out the screen .
The operation room is commodious; the operation chair can fit the operator’s body very well .Your will feel very comfortable sitting inside such a room with large safety glass and good sound arrester.

  Control cabinet of computer      Import the burning device     LB-2000 Building stones are dried tube  
  LB-3000 Building stones are dried tube     LB-2000 Vibration sifting      Control room of the computer